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Fuck you anyway - Εξαιρετικά αφιερωμένο στους λαμπρούς πολιτικούς μας

Artist - Archive
Album - Noise
Lyrics - So Fuck You Anyway

Και οι στίχοι, έτσι για να το επισφραγίσουμε...

There's a look on your face,
I would like to knock out.
See the sin in your grin,
and the shape of your mouth.
All I want is to see you in terrible pain,
thought we won't ever meet I remember your name.

>Can't believe you were once just like anyone else,<
>then you grew and became like the devil himself.<
>Pray to god I think of a nice thing to say,<
>but I don't think I can, so fuck you anyway.<

You are scum, you are scum,
and I hope that you know,
that the cracks in your smile,
are begining to show.
Now the world needs to see,
that its time you should go.
Theres no light in your eyes,
and your brain is too slow.


Bet you sleep like a child,
with a thumb in your mouth.
I could creep up beside,
put a gun in your mouth.
Makes me sick,
when I hear all the shit that you say,
So much crap coming out,
it must take you all day.
There's a space kept in hell,
with your name on the seat.
With a spike in the chair,
just to make it complete.
When you look at yourself,
do you see what I see?
If you do,
why the fuck are you looking at me?

Why the fuck are you looking at me?(x2)
Why the fuck... why the fuck are you looking at me?(x2)

There's a time for us all,
and I think yours must be.
Can you please hurry up,
cause I find you obscene.
We can't wait for the day,
that you're never around.
When that face isn't here,
and you're right underground.

(chorus) fuck you anyway.(x9)

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